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Swing Crystal Desk 7020 in 1600mm
Swing Crystal Desk 7020 in 1600mm

Swing Crystal Desk 7020 in 1600mm

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  • Modern and original design.
  • Crystal Glass Top with structure (legs) available in aluminium or white.
  • Ideal for Start Ups on a budget who want modern and professional furniture. Also ideal for an organisation of any size, modern/sleek design.
  • Worktop: 12 mm thick float glass, white enamel and tempered.
  • Standard desk height and depth and width is 1600mm
  • Free Delivery and installation.
  • Imported directly from our manufacturing partner LineKit.


Colors and finishes:
Top: white enamelled crystal (no transparency).
Structure: aluminum (RAL9006), white (RAL9010).


Worktop: 12 mm thick float glass, white enamel and tempered.
Structure: in metal tubular with rectangular section (7 x 2 cm) electro-welded.
Epoxy powder coated to form two legs of 80 and 160 cm.
The combination of these legs, using 2 metal beams, generates structures for desks, opposing desks and work islands.

Electrification tank, screens, modesty panel, cpu door, etc.

Packages: n. 5
Total weight: 67.1 kg
Packaging: triple wave carton with bumper guards.

Assembly: (We provide free delivery and assembly)
The product is supplied as a kit, with assembly instructions. Assembly takes about 20 minutes (1 inexperienced person).
The drawer unit is supplied assembled, excluding wheels and handles.
Tools required for assembly: screwdriver or cross screwdriver (type Z2), Allen wrenches 3 and 5, wrench 12.

Respect for nature:
The product, its components and packaging materials must not be dispersed in the environment, but delivered to authorized disposal facilities.

The floors used, as tempered, are "safety glass" as defined by the UNI 7697 standard.

Reaction to fire:
Classification: class 1 in compliance with the UNI 9177 standard.

Cleaning the product: 
Cleaning the glass tops : use specific products for glass surfaces available on the market or a mixture made of water and alcohol or water and ammonia to be used with caution, in limited quantities.
Cleaning the painted metal parts: use a soft cotton cloth dampened with slightly soapy water (with neutral soap) or warm water together with non-aggressive detergents; dry promptly with a soft cloth.
For both materials: do not use alkaline detergents or containing abrasives or soda.
Do not use metal scourers, rags with rough or abrasive surfaces, waxes or other protective treatments.

General use rules:

- Make sure that the assembly has been carried out correctly, also checking that the products are resting on the floor, using the adjustable feet present.
- Absolutely avoid improper use of products, such as sitting on the edges or standing up, overloading the floors with materials that are too heavy, not pertinent to normal office use.
- Ensure sufficient distance from high-irradiated heat sources.
- Do not use jets of water or liquid detergents near the desk structure to clean floors, to prevent accidental spills that could damage the surface finish of the legs and work surfaces.
- In case of movements do not drag the desk along the floor, but lift it and place it in the desired position.
- For a correct sliding of the drawers drawers, periodically remove the powder with a cloth from the moving parts.
- When moving the drawer, avoid obstacles on the floor (level changes, raceways, etc.). In the presence of these obstacles, lift the container in order to overcome the obstacle without using the wheels.

Spare parts:
All the individual components of the product are available through the sales network.

The warranty is valid for 24 months.

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