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Why Ergonomics?

Using effective ergonomic products and solutions increases staff productivity by 17% , it also increases staff well-being which in turn leads to an even larger increase in productivity. 

The benefits of sit stand desks.

Switching between sitting and standing while working creates more variation in the working posture throughout the day. This leads to less discomfort within the back, neck and shoulders compared to only perform sedentary work a regular table (Choi, 2010; Rabbit et al, 2008;. Hedge and Ray, 2004; Karlqvist, 1998).

The effect of alternation in standing and sitting has as a result that the concentration stays longer at a high level (Ebara, et al., 2008). The actual work performance during computer improves as well with an sit-stand table (Garrett et al, 2016;. Choi, 2010; Hedge and Ray, 2004).

The benefits of ergonomic laptop stands / risers. 

We supply ergonomic laptop stands for a healthy and beautiful workplace. A number of models have been specially developed for the New Way of Working.
An ergonomic laptop stand promotes productivity.
Laptop holders increase the height of the laptop’s screen and reduce the viewing distance. This greatly reduces neck strain and makes working much more comfortable. Combining an ergonomic laptop holder and a document holder increases productivity even more.
According to an independent study, notebook stands ensure for 17% production increase, 32% less neck injury and 21% more comfort (Lindblad et al., 2004).

The benefits of tablet holders / risers. 

Ergonomic tablet holders for each workplace:
More and more people are making more intensive use of their tablet at home or at their work. A tablet’s ergonomic properties, however, make it less suitable for hours of work and typing. Placing a tablet flat on a table or on the lap automatically leads to having to bend over to use it which then results in putting extra strain on the back, neck and shoulders.
Mobile workplace:
A good tablet holder places the tablet higher and at an angle that improves both the neck posture and the viewing angle. If the tablet is often used for typing, use a separate keyboard and mouse if possible.

The benefits of an ergonomic Keyboard.

Ergonomic keyboards -work with ease - work smart.
Our main supplier BakkerElkhuizen develops and delivers high-quality keyboards for more beautiful and healthier workplaces. These compact keyboards reduce the pressure on the forearms, thus preventing complaints.

Research on ergonomic keyboards:
Ergonomic keyboards reduce the reaching distance and thus reduce strain on the forearms. Research has shown that around 90% of keyboard users rarely if ever use its numeric section (Cakir, 2008).

Ideally, the numeric section should be optional and designed to be used on the left or right. Compact keyboards are perceived as being more comfortable than standard keyboards (Van Lingen, et al, 2003).

The benefits of an ergonomic mouse:

Prevent RSI complaints with an ergonomic mouse:
Ergonomic mice are essential in creating a healthy and comfortable workplace. BakkerElkhuizen develops ergonomic mice in many ranges. Please contact us for a free purchase recommendation.

Prevent physical complaints:
A mouse placed closer to the body reduces stress on the neck and shoulders. The right ergonomic mouse is thus ideal when combined with a compact keyboard. Maintaining unnatural positions when using a mouse is a risk factor in developing physical complaints involving the wrist and forearm.

The benefits of an ergonomic wrist rest:

The right wrist rest.
A wrist support helps keep the wrists in the proper position during typing and can be used to support the wrists during intermittent rests. A wrist support that is too soft can lead to fixation of the wrist so that even more muscle strain develops. Keeping the wrists at the proper height is important since it keeps the wrists in a neutral position.

The benefits of using document holders:

Prevent neck strain and work more efficiently with a document holder.
Documents lying left and right of the computer on your desk cause excessive stress in your neck. Document holders of BakkerElkhuizen have been developed to prevent neck complaints, allowing you to work more pleasantly and efficiently.

A document holder increases productivity.
An "in-line" document holder provides a functional work surface and realizes short viewing distances between the document, screen and keyboard. The result is increased productivity.

The benefits of using the correct monitor stand:

Ergonomic monitor stands for every workplace:
An incorrectly placed monitor causes neck and shoulder complaints. Monitor stands of BakkerElkhuizen help prevent these problems and ensure for a comfortable working posture .

A comfortable working position.
The monitor stands from BakkerElkhuizen help to prevent these problems and ensure a comfortable working position. Having the monitor in the best possible position makes work considerably more comfortable and increases productivity by 10% as compared to having it in an improper position (Sommerich et al, 1998).

The right position for the monitor standard.
Placing the monitor too low can lead to increased neck tension. Placing it too high (the top should never be above eye level) can also lead to problems. Perhaps even more important is the adjustability of the monitor’s distance away from the user to ensure the best possible viewing distance. This way, the information is absorbed better and the eyes are least strained.