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The new STANDEZZA Ball Chair is the ergonomic solution to improve your posture when sitting. The early models round ball has been replaced by an oval-shaped anti-burst-ball. The oval shape was specially designed so the ball can't roll away or moven when you move abruptly. The sturdy anti-burst material makes sure that the ball can take a beating.

Sitting still on the STANDEZZA Ball Chair is virtually impossible, and that's its greatest advantage. Because your body keeps looking for balance, you're constantly moving while you sit. Furthermore you're being stimulated to take on a healthy posture and your core is being strengthened in the process.

The STANDEZZA Ball Chair has an ergonomic back-support and the caster wheels offer quick moveability. 

Sitting on a Ball Chair makes you more aware of your posture and that's definitely a plus. This model is suitable for persons with a length between 150 cm and 185 cm.

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