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Operating Desk Linux 8080 1600mm
Operating Desk Linux 8080 1600mm
Operating Desk Linux 8080 1600mm
Operating Desk Linux 8080 1600mm

Operating Desk Linux 8080 1600mm

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  • Panel end design desk.
  • Finishes suitable for any environment, available in duo colour (mixed)
  • 28mm Profiles
  • Manufactured by LineKit in Italy
  • Assembled in our warehouse in Drogheda Co. Louth
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty.

Dimension: 160 x 80 xh 72.5 cm   (top = 1600 mm in width)

Colors and finishes:

Oak, white, wenge. (Tops and structures, all colours available)


Worktop and sides in melamine melamine thickness. 28 mm with abs edges thick 2 mm; front in melamine thick 18 mm
Leveling feet.
It is possible to combine different finishes for the top, the front and the structure (between oak, wenge, white).

The panels used are FSC certified . They are also characterized by the "Cuore Verde" brand, that is, they are mainly produced with recycled wood material, avoiding the breaking down of new trees. 
Respect for nature:
The product, its components and packaging materials must not be dispersed in the environment, but delivered to authorized disposal facilities.

The ecopanel is produced with adhesives with low formaldehyde content (E1).

Reaction to fire:
Classification: class 2 in compliance with the UNI 9177 standard.

General use rules:

- Make sure that the assembly has been carried out correctly, also checking that the island is firmly resting on the floor, using the adjustable feet present. 
- Absolutely avoid improper use of the island, such as sitting on the edges or stand up, overload the floor with materials that are too heavy, not pertinent to normal office use. 
- Ensure sufficient distance from high-irradiated heat sources. 
- Do not use jets of water or liquid detergents near the island structure to clean the floors, to avoid accidental spills that could damage the surface finish of the support legs and work surfaces.
- In case of movements do not drag the island along the floor, but lift it and place it in the desired position.


Spare parts:
All the individual components of the product are available through the sales network.


The warranty is valid for 24 months.


LineKit Spa - Republic of San Marino.


Study and Research Center LineKit Spa.