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Mini-flat operating cupboard with shelving and doors
Mini-flat operating cupboard with shelving and doors
Mini-flat operating cupboard with shelving and doors
Mini-flat operating cupboard with shelving and doors

Mini-flat operating cupboard with shelving and doors

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  • Furniture for young companies and start-ups & Home Office.
  • Work stations optimized for small spaces.
  • Trendy, oak and white finishes.
  • Manufactured and designed in Italy.
  • Assembled in our warehouse in Drogheda Co.Louth.

Dimension: 80 x 35 xh 170 cm (5.5ft in height)

Cod: M1641X

3 DOOR FINISHES: white, oak, wenge.  / Side panels (structure) only in white.


Colours and finishes:

Doors: oak, white, wenge.
Structure: white.


Module made to contain 36 dox (back 8cm). Structure and shelves in white color made of melamine 18 mm thick, edged in ABS 1 mm. Doors made of 18 mm thick melamine, ABS edging, with standard lock. Leveling feet.


The panels used are FSC certified . They are also characterized by the "Cuore Verde" brand, that is, they are mainly produced with recycled wood material, avoiding the breaking down of new trees.
Respect for nature:
The product, its components and packaging materials must not be dispersed in the environment, but delivered to authorized disposal facilities.

The ecopanel is produced with adhesives with low formaldehyde content (E1).

Reaction to fire:
Classification: class 2 in compliance with the UNI 9177 standard.

Cleaning the product: 
Cleaning the parts in melamine : use a soft cotton cloth dampened with warm water and non-aggressive detergents. The use of detergent must always be moderate: excessive use can cause an infiltration between panel and edge, with possible swelling of the panel itself.

General use rules:

- Containers are tools that are used to store documents.
- The operating elements of the doors (hinges, locks, etc.) and the internal and external equipment (extractable frames, etc.) are constructed and tested, in accordance with current legislation, to withstand the stresses deriving from normal use. Therefore avoid overloads and violent impacts.

- Doors: do not force beyond the maximum extension allowed by the hinge; similarly, do not force the opening of the extractable frames beyond the limit stop of the guides.
- Shelves: they can be removed and placed in another position, taking care to move the supports with the utmost care to avoid damage to the structure of the container.
- Avoid overloading beyond the maximum flow indicated.
- Do not introduce loads that are dimensionally incompatible with the structure.
- For access to the shelves in the upper positions, use ladders and do not climb onto the cabinet using the lower shelves as steps.

- Ensure sufficient distance from high-irradiated heat sources.
- Do not use water jets or liquid detergents to clean floors or other surfaces, close to containers, to prevent accidental spills that could deteriorate the surface finish.

- Sometimes, due to the additional load, the cabinets may undergo component settlements, such as to require a further adjustment of the leveling feet and / or the door hinges, to re-establish the alignments.

- In case of moving the containers, absolutely avoid dragging the furniture at full load. It is a good rule to empty them completely, reposition them, level up to restore the joints, and finally fill them.

Spare parts:
All the individual components of the product are available through the sales network.

The warranty is valid for 24 months.

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