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StudioLine Desk Riser 18
StudioLine Desk Riser 18

StudioLine Desk Riser 18

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You might not realise it but you are damaging your body and well-being by sitting down at your desk all day. People have evolved to move all day long, before the body adapts to the change of sitting all day -it will take centuries of office work. This implies that people are badly adjusted to the modern work environment. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious complications. One option to avoid complications is to buy a standing desk.

In some cases, replacing a perfectly good desk with a new one just doesn’t make sense. The StudioLine Desk Riser 18 does exactly what you expect it to do -and more. The Desk Riser converts your normal desk to a standing desk and makes it easy to create a work surface at your ideal ergonomic height. With a simple lifting mechanism and a stable surface, it will turn any desk into a custom Sit/Stand solution.

The top surface is 88 cm by 60 cm and the keyboard platform is 68 cm by 28 cm.

Once you start working at a standing desk, any other normal desk will never be the same again.



Dimensions 88 x 60 cm
Keyboard tray 68 x 28 cm
Adjustment 35 cm in height (15-50 cm)
Weight 30 kg
Extra Comes fully assembled in a box, provided with grommet hole for cables
Max. capacity 18 kg
Colour Black